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Robert Ceccarelli from Atwater CA thoughts on Google Inc. Has revamped its search site to permit results to be refreshed with up-to-the-second data increasingly turned out by the latest crop of real-time Web products.
The move to integrate real-time search results right into Google’s flagship Web search product comes nearly 2 months after the company revealed a partnership to license information form microblogging service Twitter.
It also underlines the importance of realtime information like social media in the increasingly competitive Internet search business, which Google now dominates. Microsoft announced partnerships with Twitter and social marketing website Facebook in October to provide real time search results. In addition to the 140-character messages generated by Twitter users, Google said Monday its search engine will soon be in a position to retrieve certain standing messages from users of Facebook and news Corp.’s ( NWS, Fortune 500 ) MySpace. The company would not say whether the partnerships involved any monetary terms. ‘I would say that real time search is the natural evolution of universal search,’ Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice chairman of search products and user experience, related at an event at the PC History Museum in Mountain View, California.
0:00 /3:46A virtual map you can step into Mayer said that Google was not currently selling keyword advertisements alongside real-time search results, and said the company was currently targeted on perfecting the consumer experience with real-time search. Google announced a variety of other search inventions in the event, including a Japanese-language voice search product that allows Eastern speakers to point out a query into a cell phonephone. The product was previously available in English and Mandarin Chinese. Google also announced an experimental product dubbed Google Goggles which allows users of a cell phone to take pictures of products with a telephone’s camera and retrieve search results about the particular product.

The company said it has introduced 33 different search innovations in the past 67 days.

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